Abecca Healthcare started as a small canvas manufacturing business in the early 1950’s.  Through many diversifications, we have grown to be a world class leader in the manufacturing of healthcare protection products. Abecca’s mission has always been to provide unparalleled satisfaction to our customers by engendering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement into the fibre of our organization.

With over 60 years of hands-on manufacturing experience, Abecca can provide you with  top quality, cost-effective mattress covers and mattress protectors that help in overcoming the increasing problem of “mattress covers failing to prevent blood and body fluids from leaking into the mattress”. Abecca covers are all constructed from Abecca’s unique waterproof, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabric, which also has fluid resistant zipping that is welded to the fabric – further protecting the mattress inner.

Our focus is on providing the medical market with the ultimate solution when it comes to reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and infection . The FDA government  department reports that from January 2011 to January 2013, the FDA received 458 reports associated with medical bed mattress protectors failing to prevent “fluid ingress’. This was due to “covers becoming worn or damaged from small holes or rips in the fabric or from incorrect cleaning, disinfecting and laundering procedures; or the zipper on the cover allowing fluid to penetrate the mattress.”

Our mattress covers and mattress protectors are all manufactured here in New Zealand, using our own unique Abecca fabric, and we confidently stand by our products 100%, and we can ensure quality and complete satisfaction when using our products.

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Abecca Mission

“To provide unparalled satisfaction to our customers by engendering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement into the fibre of our organization”

Abecca Values

A strong, reliable organization built up on:

  • HONESTY – Telling the truth at all times is always upheld and practiced.
  • LOYALTY – Everyone at Abecca are committed to supporting each other in achieving our goals.
  • OBEDIENCE – As team players we obey instructions given from those we are accountable to.
  • INTEGRITY – Our word is our bond and every commitment is without compromise.
  • PASSION – We believe in our products and will not sacrifice on quality.
  • SERVICE – that our customers can count on every time!

​“Clear and honest communication removes the anxiety of the unknown”